Deidra Kathleen is a Midwestern born actress. She was born in Toledo, Ohio, raised partly there and partly in a nearby suburb called, Maumee. Her mother, Debra is a beautician and her father Thomas is a safety consultant for the state of Ohio.


Deidra started performing in community theatre when she was eleven years old. Prior, she had been "such a shy child" caught up in books and her imagination. After that, it was full speed ahead. She then attended the Performing Arts School of Metropolitan Toledo for her junior high years. And during high school, she contributed on and off stage for shows.


In 2012, she earned her Associate's in Theatre Performance from Owens College. Also in 2012, she began attending the Art Institute of California - Hollywood.


In 2013, Kathleen was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but did not attend.


In the Fall of 2015, she earned her Bachelor's of Science in Filmmaking.

“Deidra Kathleen has proven to be an amazing actress in all the times I have worked with her. She’s a very reliable person to have on set by how punctual she is, and the joy she brings with having her. When on set and giving her direction she will apply it to her best of her ability which saves time on set, and a great performance.


On the nights when nights are going later than expected and needing her to stay longer, she is completely on board to go the extra hours to make sure that the project gets finished. She understands the director’s passion and sometimes the need of going a later happens, and she will do it without hearing any complaints from her.


I recommend Deidra as an actress to people, and am pleased to use her when I am able to.”

                                                     -Tyson Galland, Director of Döppelganger



“Deidra is a versatile actress, and, in all respects, has the makings of a true professional.”

                                                     -Madge Levinson, Director of the Young Rep Playgoers



“Deidra is a Reliable, Hardworking individual with a passion for expanding her boundaries and trying new things. Deidra is a boon to any project she is working on.”

                                                     -Chad Wood, Director of The Watchers series






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